Special Doner Kebab Seasoning/Mix

Our secret recipe

Why not try our doner kebab mix/seasoning and make your own doner kebabs at home.

Our Doner Kebab Seasoning/Mix comes in a 30g pack and will season 500g of ground mince lamb or mutton.

Simple no messing, just add the all the contents of the Doner Kebab Seasoning/Mix to the mince.

Mix and knead thoroughly

Make sausage shapes from the mince and then cook.

You can cook in grill, oven, helath grill or even fry.

Once cooked you may serve on pitta, naan, chip and or salad with sauces.

You can also make thin slices of the meat using a sharp knife before serving.


Doner Kebab Seasoning/Mix





Salt, Plain Flour, Oregano, Garlic Powder,

Onion Powder, Red Chilli Powder,

Black Pepper, Ground Cinnamon,

Thyme, Marjoram, Sage, Ground Coriander,

Ground Nutmeg, Parsley, Ground Clove,

Ground Pimento, Ground Ginger.



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